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Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers

At Palmer & Associates, P.C., we help people in their most desperate moments. For the victim of a motor vehicle accident, we will work to get our client the compensation needed and make sure that justice is served. For a work injury victim, we use the legal system to obtain worker's compensation benefits. For a person accused of a crime, we work to obtain the best outcome possible, while protecting the client's rights.

Regardless of the situation in which you may find yourself, our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers will work diligently to help you secure a better future for yourself and your family.

Our Practice Areas

Palmer & Associates, P.C. focuses on the areas of personal injury, workers' compensation and criminal defense. We are here to provide you with the representation you need in personal injury cases involving:

Workers' Compensation

Palmer & Associates, P.C. offers injured workers representation at all levels of the workers' compensation system.

Criminal Defense

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to defending the rights and freedom of people accused of:

A Team Working for Compensation and Justice

Our founder, Las Vegas personal injury attorney William B. Palmer, has years of experience and a record of success in the field of personal injury. He is supported by a team of paralegals and professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest levels of attention and client support.

The road ahead may seem uncertain. We want to help you get the help you need to rebuild your life. Contact the Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers, Palmer & Associates, P.C. at 702-888-2222.


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